About Moushtarayat


Following the organization of four successful editions of the Moushtarayat Government Procurement and Contracting Conference and Exhibition since its launch in 2016 in collaboration with governmental, semi-governmental, and private institutions, and with the participation of organizations, individuals, and major contributors to the Qatari economy, QDB has launched a dedicated platform to achieve Moushtarayat's set goals and objectives.


As part of its holistic digital transformation drive, QDB seeks to continue supporting the growth journey of entrepreneurs and SMEs in Qatar through this platform. The Bank's Business Localization Department has launched the Moushtarayat platform as a digital gateway to develop and build the capacities of entrepreneurs and SMEs to gain access to local business opportunities by collaborating with governmental, semi-governmental, and private enterprises.


The portal is an integrated space for entrepreneurs and SMEs that leverages the digital advantage to serve as an enhanced alternative to the traditional conference and exhibition. Subscribers to the platform benefit from the wide range of high-end programs on offer, including training and mentorship programs, discussion sessions, virtual exhibitions, B2B matchmaking events, and access to a diverse range of local contracting and growth opportunities.


The Moushtarayat platform aims to:


1.     Open up new horizons for communication among big buyers, SMEs, and local entrepreneurs to leverage Qatar's entrepreneurship ecosystem.

2.     Create an open shared digital space that allows all actors to participate and gain a competitive edge.

3.     Identify business opportunities available in the market and follow best practices to successfully apply to them. 

4.     Access government semi-government, and private-enterprise tenders in Qatar.

5.     Develop the business environment within which SMEs operate.

6.     Empower and qualify SMEs and entrepreneurs to participate in business meetings with buyers and relevant institutions and build sustainable bridges of cooperation among them.

7.     Qualify and develop entrepreneurs and SMEs through comprehensive training programs designed to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness.




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